Sunday, June 30, 2013

MLB Midsummer Classic 2013

A year ago on this blog, I proposed that Major League Baseball scrap the All-Star Game in favor of a mid-summer NCAA-style tournament.  A year later, there has been no action on my proposal (and we're surprised?), but with the end of June here, it is time to announce this year's seedings for our faux tournament.

For winning pennants last October, San Francisco and Detroit get first round-byes, and they are seeded #1 and #2.  The rest of the teams are seeded based on their records as of Sunday morning, June 30.  Yes, Pittsburgh is the #3 seed!

We'll take Monday off and start with triple-headers on Tuesday, July 16 -- for each site, the two games in the list are at 1PM and 4PM, with the finale at 7PM.  Some potential intriguing matchups are 3/14 PIT/TAM, 7/10 ATL/BAL, and 5/12 BOS/NYY.

17 COL vs. 16 WAS

25 CHC vs. 8 OAK
24 SEA vs. 9 CIN


18 SDG vs. 15 TOR

26 NYM vs. 7 ATL
23 LAD vs. 10 BAL


30 MIA vs. 3 PIT
19 PHI vs. 14 TAM

27 CHW vs. 6 TEX
22 MIN vs. 11 CLE


29 HOU vs. 4 STL
20 KAN vs. 13 ARI

28 MIL vs. 5 BOS
21 LAA vs. 12 NYY


That will leave us 8 teams for Wednesday, July 17, so we'll play four games to get our Fast Ball Four.  On Thursday, July 18, we'll have one more triple-header -- two games in the afternoon, and the finale starting at 8PM on Fox.  Each player on the winning team gets a $1 million bonus.

Bracket contest, anyone?

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